Deli Express Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Foodservice Solutions

Delivering exclusive foodservice solutions. Food For People On the Go™

Deli Express Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is your professional foodservice solution. We are the heartbeat in your store.

We have been serving convenience stores for over 60 years and currently serve over 11,000 locations with a distribution fleet capable of meeting any foodservice need backed by guaranteed sale programs.

Service to our customers does not stop with delivery. We specialize in meeting the needs of our customers by helping them grow and improve their foodservice business and capabilities. We have specialized sales and operations teams that will focus on your specific needs to develop personalized solutions for your business.

Our expertise and capabilities not only provide foodservice solutions to convenience stores but a wide range of foodservice channels: resorts, hotels, colleges and more. Our distribution fleet utilizes multi-temperature capabilities to give our customers a wide range of possibilities and flexibility for their business.

Contact us today so we can help take your foodservice to the next level!